This week in sBTC

Week of March 31, 2023

Dear Bitcoiners,

This week, the sBTC working group has been thinking a lot about use cases and user experience. When sBTC goes live, it’s crucial that we have flagship apps available at launch and design the UX with our target audiences in mind.

Our goal is to provide a world class user experience for Bitcoin DeFi.

Here’s a few ways we plan to do that:

  • Deep wallet integrations: Support native Bitcoin and simplify sBTC conversions for the user.

  • Easy on-ramps: Reduce the number of steps required to obtain sBTC and use it in ecosystem apps.

  • Simplified user interface: Make it easy for users to understand the steps they need to take to buy, sell, or transfer sBTC.

  • Intuitive design: Create a design that is easy to understand, while being thoughtful about what information to convey.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be conducting user research and working with ecosystem builders to make sure product features are suited to meet the needs of our users.

💻 Engineering Updates

  • Igor

    • Finishing last remaining items for sBTC Alpha: deployment and integration with stacks.js.

    • Distributed sBTC Mini Project Scope and ownership to Team.

    • There are no known risks blocking items for sBTC Alpha and sBTC Mini.

  • @mårten

    • A high-level view of the engineering efforts on sBTC (Link)

    • Taking ownership of two projects

      • P-03 commit-reveal peg operations

        • Focus on gathering information and formulating an action plan to deliver this project.

      • P-04 peg-handoff

        • Depends on P-03

  • @Ӿoloki

    • Working on core-eng PR#229 Sign/verify all FROST messages

    • Added FROST/ROAST meta protocol sections to WTF whitepaper

  • @Jacinta

    • Merged cleanup of stacks-coordinator (Link)

    • Working on sBTC mint/burn and transaction serialization (Link)

  • @fjs

    • FROST: Done: Improve a secp256k1 vendoring mechanism so we can get the latest version of the library and simplify the build process. (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3)

    • Deployment Process: WiP. Multiple issues and PRs related to frontend (sbtc-bridge-web) and backend (sbtc-bridge-api, and others).

    • WiP: converting mint/burn wallet operations into Stacks transactions.

⚒️ Go-To-Market Updates

  • Presented UX flow for buying NFTs with sBTC in Hiro Wallet.

  • Explored the business case for key sBTC features and assigned prioritization levels.

  • Worked on messaging framework for sBTC target audiences.

  • Brainstormed sBTC ecosystem use cases.

  • Meetings progressed with ecosystem partners.

🌍 Around the Ecosystem

  • sBTC discussed as part of Stacks investment thesis by Nova River (Link)

  • The Bitcoin Olympics registration is now open! (Link)

Signing off,