This Week in sBTC

Week of December 15, 2023

Dear Bitcoiners,

The energy in the Stacks community is electric. The sBTC and Nakamoto working groups have been putting in overtime to close out key milestones. There are new apps on the horizon and investors are taking notice. Meanwhile, the business development working group notched some wins of their own.

With everything going on in the Stacks ecosystem, it can be a lot to keep track of. I break down the latest so you can stay up to speed on the leading Bitcoin L2.


💻 Nakamoto Milestone v0.2 is code complete

👉 What this means: this milestone achieves a controlled testnet for Nakamoto, an important step on the Road to Mainnet. The working group is currently integrating this with the new ClarityWASM virtual machine, which will bring additional improvements to the network.

We’ve now started on the next milestone v0.3 to integrate the full DKG (distributed key generation), which will enable multiple signers on the network. By this milestone, most of the Nakamoto functionality will be complete. Special shout out to all the core engineers who made this happen!

👉 TLDR: Nakamoto is on track 🚀

⛓️ Pyth Price Feeds Launch on Stacks

Builders rejoice! Stacks developers can now integrate their applications with 400+ real-time price feeds from the Pyth network. I’m excited to see what developers build using these new tools. Read the full announcement to get started.

“We’ve heard from our developer community the importance of accurate, reliable oracles, which is why we’re proud to contribute to bringing Pyth price feeds to Stacks. The next generation of DeFi apps will be on Bitcoin layers like Stacks.”

Alex Miller, CEO of Hiro.

📝 Figment announces plans to become Signer on Nakamoto

In recent news, Figment announced support for the Stacks Nakamoto upgrade. This will enable Stacking in their network of 250+ institutional clients.

Through this integration, Figment is helping to secure the network and enable the next generation of Bitcoin applications. Read more about the partnership here.

📈 Investor perspectives

🎅 Happy Stacksmas to all, and to all sovereign rights!

Finally, be sure to check out the recording from this year’s Stackies ceremony. It was great to see so many community contributors recognized for their work throughout the year. Also, Kyle gave a dramatic reading of this year’s Stacksmas poem that you do not want to miss.

Based on this meme, it appears Setseuz celebrated his “Best Builder” award for approximately sixty seconds before returning to Nakamoto 😂